Fawwaz Al-Madkhali Belittles the Best of Creation ﷺ

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Fawwaz Al-Madkhali Belittles the Best of Creation ﷺ

Fawwaz Al-Madkhali is a scholar of the despicable Sa’āfiqah. He fully supports and defends the Sa’āfiqah and cooperates with them upon sin and transgression.

Alhamdulillah, it has been confirmed that Fawwaz Al-Madkhali has been banned from giving Dawah and from delivering lectures and Friday sermons due to his bad conduct and manners, due to his blunders in Aqeedah and due to him speaking ill of the Prophet ﷺ.

We will on this occasion Insha’Allāh just suffice by mentioning his blunders in Aqeedah. Fawwaz made all of these mistakes in Aqeedah during ONE conference he participated in whilst explaining ONE book in Aqeedah. These mistakes prove how ignorant he really is even in the basics of Aqeedah.

The conference took place in Hafr-ul-Batin in Shawwal, 1439 and was organised by Abdullah bin Salfeeq. Fawwaz was explaining the book “The Creed of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jama’ah” by Imam Muhammad bin Saleh bin Othaimeenl رحمه الله.

Below are two links to the audio containing his numerous mistakes in Aqeedah as well as his belittlement of the Prophet ﷺ :

Is it really befitting for these people to be teaching?!

1. Fawwaz spoke ill of the Prophet ﷺ. Fawwaz accused the Prophet ﷺ of not being humble!

Fawwaz said, ” The Prophet said, ‘I am the leader of the Children of Adam’. So we say to them, ‘Why was the Prophet not humble here?'”.

2. Fawwaz was himself confused and caused confusion regarding the difference between Allāh’s Universal Will (Iradah Kawniyyah) and Allāh’s Legislative Will (Iradah Shar’iyyah).

3. Fawwaz’s ignorance and deficiency in understanding Wahdatul Wujood (unity of existence) can also be found during his explanation of the book.

Fawwaz said that the people of Wahdatul Wujood are those who say that Allāh does not exist!

4. Fawwaz used the saying of Allāh,

“Verily! We have sent it (this Qur’an) down in the night of Al-Qadr (Decree)”

to prove Allāh’s Descent! This speech of Fawwaz’s is futile because this verse does not prove that Allāh descends.

5. Fawwaz spoke about whether or not Allāh leaves His Arsh when He descends. Fawwaz opposed the saying of the majority of the scholars in this issue and he made mistakes in attributing the different sayings on this issue to those who actually said them. He attributed statements to the great scholars and imams of the past which they never made!

6. When speaking about Allāh’s Descent, Fawwaz cast doubts about whether or not Allāh should be described with motion / movement and a Jism (body). And then he left himself and the students in a state of confusion without explaining the Madhab of Ahlul Sunnah regarding these issues.

If the sincere Salafi was to reflect upon these blunders of Fawwaz in Aqeedah which he made during just one conference, he will come to know how ignorant this man really is and he would become certain that the description that Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadī gave to these people is precise; Sa’āfiqah. Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi said,

“The cause of misguidance in all fields of knowledge is when people do not seek this (knowledge) from those who possess it”.

Please note that Fawwaz Al-Madkhali is that very same person whose testimony against Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadī was recently used by Abu Khadeejah(SP) in his ugly, oppressive and deceiving article against Allamah Muhammad bin Hadī حفظه الله . To this extent – O Abu Khadeejah – you are willing to go to seek revenge from the likes of this great and noble scholar Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadī al-Madkhali?!

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